Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Baby Names, Please the hunt is on. Now, yes...we have some time left to completely decide on baby names, but this time around, Brian and I are having more difficulty. Ellie would like to name the baby College or Veta. clue where either of those names came from....and I don't think we will be using them. Granted, we don't know...well, let me rephrase that...I don't know, what the baby's gender we need some help! Can you please leave some suggestions. What a fun game for us, then to look through the list!!!! I think we have semi- decided on a girl name....Brian likes Faith Elizabeth....and that is fine by me. Boys names....STRUGGLE! Could it be that after teaching for 10 years, my supply on names has grown slim???? heheh....But, if you have a boy's name that you really like and would like to share with us...please do so!!!! We'd love to hear your suggestions! We have a few on our list that we like....but I am not going to say anything yet....I want to hear your suggestions, first!!!! Thanks, everyone....let the name game begin!!!!!!


The Hunt's said...

okay this is soooo much fun! since, we never had the pleasure of naming a boy we would be honored if you could name your son ... Joshua Michael... just kidding hehehe!

Here are a few or maybe once I get started a lot of the ones I love/like...

Gabriel Christian (both of our girls where going to be named this and the twins well one of them that is)

Christian (could spell it with a K)
Jerimiah (sp?)

now I'm drawing a blank, I'll keep thinking on it and asking every little boy his name.

What ever his or her name is it will be PERFECT.

Oh and I love Faith Elizabeth...did i ever tell you Elizabeth is my middle name?!

Grin & Barrett said...

I as well like Joshua Michael..... hehehe, I wonder why?

Boy names:


Micah said...

I, of coarse, think that Micah would make a great name for a baby boy! Ha!Ha! I am glad to see that you are peeking in on my blog as well. I am also glad to hear that you are feeling better. Josh and I are now starting to enjoy are summer break since our summer jobs have now ended. Josh teaches drivers education and I teach ACT prep to high school student who are in a program called Upward Bound, which is funded through a grant. Hope all stay well with you and your family.


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