Thursday, May 27, 2010

You've come a long way, baby!

May 27, 2010....
Today marks the day that changed my little boy's face forever. It has been two years since Reid's lip repair, and I am amazed how fast time goes. When you are going though this journey, there are many times that I thought that time could not go fast enough. And here I sit, two years later thankful for so much. I am proud of Reid and how well he has done through his many appointments, procedures, taping, stent work, therapy sessions, and surgeries. He was perfect in my eyes the minute I saw him....and I will always miss seeing that first face that I loved so deeply. Reid, you've been through a lot... and I could not be more proud of you. You've come a mighty long way, baby.

Ahhh, remember that lovely NAM? It grew to be as big as you were...almost. But, we are grateful for it. It helped transform you into the handsome little guy that you are today.

I heard from a mom of another cleft baby that God grants beautiful eyes to all cleft everyone will look there first...instead of focusing on imperfections. I love this picture of Reid's eyes...and I will forever love that wide smile.

Reid was flirting with a nurse at his pre-op appointment here. Not much has changed.

The big surgery day. This was the last face I will always remember before I saw your new look. I think I have this moment forever engraved in my heart.

Tah-dah! Here you are in the recovery room. I also have this moment planted in my heart.
Brian and I were so taken aback at your new look that we had to sit down for a moment to catch our breath. The transformation was amazing.

You are my hero....and will be forever.

Healing took its toll on everyone...especially you. But, you managed (as we did) and we marveled every day at how well you healed. The human body is an amazing thing. We also think you medical team headed by Dr. Gosain is amazing.

And now look at you! You are my little light of sunshine every day. You definitely are my strong-willed child....but after your journey, I guess some of that is to be expected. I am proud of you everyday, and I am honored that I was chosen to be your mom. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Reid. You are my beautiful boy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"W" is for Water and Warm Weather

Nothing like going to Grandma and Pappy's house on a Sunday afternoon to "help" them out! If you mix water in with Ellie and Reid, you get wonderfully happy children! They LOVE water! Any kind...rain water, tub water, ocean water, bottled water, tap water, toilet water...whatever! They were delighted to help Grandma out with her wattering job, and she was happy to snap away at some cute pictures. Something about bare feet and a watering can....cute!

Reid had as much fun watering the ground as he did the plants.

There are those bare feet again. I am not kidding, as soon as it hits 50 degrees, she is begging to take off her shoes and socks to let the piggies breathe!

Camera shy??? Not my kids! She even poses!

Another shot of the missing tooth. Gotta love it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The little man in the wizzard hat...

What??? You don't have a little man who wears a wizzard hat in your neighborhood who carries around trash cans and multiple brooms?

He loves to sweep and do odd jobs....
He is quite thrifty, and doesn't complain about the work he does....

He picks up after himself...usually...and no job is too big for him...

....and he is cute, too. Bonus!

Something's Missing

Do you see it????

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm in love....

...and how could you not be with this absolutely adorable, new, little face to love???

I'd like to introduce to you our newest cleft friend, Hudson. He will be four weeks old this week, and I am quite smitten by him.

I feel lucky to be a part of this little one's life, (Hudon's family lives near us and are a part of our craniofacial team ) and I think Reid and him will make pretty nice pals one day. (That is if Hudson's mom and dad don't mind Reid teaching Hudson all the tricks of being a boy.)

Baby Hudson, you are a beautiful little guy. I think the world has big plans for you, and I can't wait to stand by your side and watch your journey unfold.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Comfy quilts, Starburst Candy, and Stove Popped Popcorn

My grandma gained her angel wings on Thursday, May 13, 2010. She was 94 years old. She was someone who I was lucky enough to have in my life for 35 years. I was lucky enough to grow up just blocks away from her. As a child, I would often accompany my brother to her house...and as he would mow her lawn for her, I would sit with her and talk. Her candy bowl which sat on her kitchen counter was always filled with Starburst candy, and she would make you stuff your pockets full before you left. I will keep many memories of her close in my heart.

I loved spending the night at her house. I was always given the comfy, heavy quilt on "my" bed at her house, and now that quilt is at our house displayed on our bed. How lucky I am to have that. She would always make homemade popcorn on the stovetop burner when my brother and I would stay over, and I always thought that hers tasted the best. She was the one who always had enough room in her small house for another guest, no matter how many were already there. She did most of her own yardwork, cleaning, cooking, driving, and daily living tasks into her late 80's. She was a wonderful grandma that I was lucky enough to share with my cousins. She was a grandma to 8 and a great-grandma to 12. We loved her so very much, and will miss her sweet smile and love for all. I do have joy knowing that she has been reunited with my grandpa though. They have been apart for almost 32 years. I also have joy knowing that she is with Dad. I am sure they are all glad to have each other near. I love you Grandma. I am thankful that Brian, Ellie, and Reid had the chance to know and love you. You will be missed......

Here Reid and I am with Grandma close by. She loved him so much. (May 08)

Here I am with Reid, my dad behind us, and Grandma. (May 08)

Ellie and Grandma at Thanksgiving 2008.

Our last family picture taken together with Grandma in December 2008.

Grandma and Ellie at a family picnic in August 2005. .......until we meet again.....xoxoxoxox

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today was the big day for Ellie. Her first ballet recital. The big one. The one in the beautiful auditorium with most seats filled with proud mamas, daddies, grandparents, and friends ready to watch their "ballerina" take the stage. Ellie has been "dancing" for a long time now, but only has been in formal lessons for a few sessions. She really enjoys it because her teacher is wonderful. She loves the girls that she dances with, and we could not wait for today to see her up on the big stage. How fun!

To make it really special, our good friend (and Ellie's first babysitter), Rachel, came to do her hair. Rachel seriously is amazing with hair. She has her own 4 little princesses, so she has plenty of "hair experience!" Ellie's biggest wish was for Rachel to come over and make her all dolled up for her performance. And Rachel did just that!

Rachel prepping Ellie's hair. She makes everything look super easy. I was taking notes. Seriously, I was.
I turned to look away for a second, and looked back, and she was done. Really. I need this girl's skills! I NEED her on picture day next year. Really, she may have to come to my house on that day.

My ballerina. She was so proud of herself today, and I was even more so.

I really can't believe how grown up she has become. I know everyone says, "Enjoy goes so fast." And certainly does.

I didn't get ANY pictures of Ellie in her ballet costume because there was NO photography or video taping. Please take my was too precious for words. Here she is after her performance with her teacher, Miss Katie. Ellie loves her!

And then, tonight when we took out the messy buns, this was the result. She LOVED it. Ellie's hair is so fine and straight, any time she has any curl or bounce to it, she wants to just stare at herself in the mirror. And that is precisely what she was doing here when I snapped this shot. She was mad at me for making her have a bath tonight, but I promised her that Rachel would come again and doll her up. I need to go get my calendar....when is school picture day next year, anyway????

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am so glad you are here. I am going to try and show you the average life of a 5 year old from my perspective. Mommy and Daddy will help me along the way if I get stuck.

Let me first introduce my family to you. I am Ellie. I am a 6 year old. I live in Ohio with my Mommy, Daddy, little brother Reid, and dog, Sophie. My mommy is a teacher. She teaches nine and ten year olds and loves it. She has been teaching for twelve years. My daddy works with computers. He works hard everyday.

We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

Little Ski (Ellie)

Mommy and me having cuddle time at Hocking Hills.

Told ya, my hair can be wild! And you thought I was kidding!

Hmmm, Blue's Brother's perhaps?