Saturday, October 31, 2009

October in Pictures

Hold on to your hats, folks....there are lots of pictures to share. We have been doing well here as we daily adjust to the loss of Dad. Ellie has lots of questions each day for us, but is really amazing us with her maturity through all this. We have been keeping busy here and I just haven't taken the time to post. So, this is just a mix of some of the fun we have been up to. There isn't really any rhyme or reason to my pictures.....just showing off October in pictures! Hope all your Halloween-ing was as fun as ours!!!!

Ellie (the horse) and 2 of her neighbor friends. All are just a few months apart in age.

Ellie and her buddy, Ryne.

My little "stinker" and my little horse......the tail ends! This picture was Ellie's idea. Funny!

This is what Reid thought of his costume. Brian promised him a "manly" costume next year. I was just being economical...Ellie wore this last year! Yeah, digest that sentence again. Reid is almost 2......Ellie wore the costume when she was 4. He is huge, my friends!

My lovies ready to fill up their goodie bags!

It was warm enough on Friday for no coats! It was beautiful, so we took advantage of some leaf jumping! Ellie was happy to pose for me!

Again......not shy around the camera as you can see. Reid was nowhere to be found. He was too busy "raking" for me to get any pictures of him!

There they are!!!! Reid would just hysterically laugh in the leaves. They tickled his neck and he could not keep from cracking up.

A great day for a leaf pile!

Ready to scoop the goop!!!! Ellie is armed with a spoon and could not wait to get messy!

Enjoying the chance to make a mess and not get in trouble for it!

She's not shy about anything! Reid was watching from afar....he hated the feel of the pumpkin "goop". Ellie loved it!

Always making us smile!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and super October. Here is to a great start to November! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Greatest Show on Earth...

Brian, Ellie, and myself went to Cleveland this past weekend to see the circus. (thanks Mom for keeping Reid!). We had a great time and the show was absolutely amazing.
This proved we were there! The pics I took from the inside came out horrible due to it being so dark.
Ellie and Brian before the show. She was so excited!

Ellie and I....getting ready for the fun to begin!

Lucky girl with her souvenirs. Usually I am not one to buy "stuff" to add to the "stuff" we already have. Ellie LOVES stuffed animals, so when she saw this was all over. She decided to spend some of her money on it....and I pitched in some because she was such a delight to take. Can't wait until Reid is old enough to enjoy a day out, too!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I remember.....

Palate Repair- Oct. 16, 2008
I vividly remember sitting and holding Reid before putting him to bed one year ago tonight. I remember praying for the doctors, nurses, and medical staff who were going to be taking care of my not quite one year old son in their arms. I remember wishing that it was me who would be going under for the 7 hour procedure instead of Reid. I remember wondering if Reid's speech would greatly improve from the procedure and how quickly. I remember tears falling down my cheeks in preparation of handing over my son for surgery. I remember the gap that went from the very front of Reid's mouth to the very back. I remember like it was yesterday.

It was one year ago tonight.....but I remember.
How can you forget something like this????
I remember spending hours trying to figure out how to get Reid in the crib without bumping his monitors or i.v. lines in an attempt to get him comfy so he could rest for a bit. And every time I would get him cozy, I remember nurses having to wake him to take vitals. I hate remembering that. I so wanted you to be able to rest. I remember that sweet face and praising God that another surgery was behind us. I remember thinking that we surely have one of the top surgeons in the nation, and being so grateful that we were lead to him. I remember so well......and will never forget. One year ago tonight....and so grateful for the year of growth that we have seen. Love you, my big guy. We are so proud of you.....and are amazed by your strength daily. I can't wait to see what this next year will bring. I am sure, no matter what, it will prove to be a year to remember.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Singing Man

Playing Catch Up

Ahhh, all my Blogger friends, I love you so much! The thoughts, prayers, support, and constant love for our family was felt and appreciated. I feel like it is time to breathe again and get back slowly into the groove of life. I haven't posted pictures lately, and I apologize to you all because I haven't visited your blogs in weeks. I will catch up somehow! I just thought that some pictures were due as well as a thank you for your love for our family during the loss of my dad. We are all doing well and I sing the praises everyday that Ellie and Reid are around us to make us laugh, make us remember, and make us realize how lucky we all are to have each other. Here are some random pictures to share.....can't wait to visit your blogs soon!!!!

Gotta love striped p.j.'s! I swear Reid has grown 2 inches in the last week! All of a sudden he is just really getting tall!

Taken this morning before church. At this particular moment Ellie was loving her brother. This is not always the case!

Breaking out the hats because it was cold and windy last week! I am so proud of Ellie. She is a shining light to us all. With that smile, how could she not be????

Sweetness on the right and downright orneriness on the left!!!!! No denying that Grandpa's humor lives on in Reid!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funeral Processional

I think Dad was smiling down on us, what do you think???? Can you tell my dad was a Corvette Man, and this was a tribute to him???? This is what lead us to the cemetary after his funeral on Monday. His "baby" is the first one. It's older than me, and taken care of as he would his own child! Love and miss you Dad.....but I bet the view from heaven of this scene was pretty amazing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Arrangements for Dad
Calling hours 2-4 and 6-8 on Sunday at Cox Funeral Home
1376 High Street (Rt. 94)
Wadsworth, Ohio

Funeral on Monday
11 am service (viewing one hour prior to service at church)
First Christian Church
116 East Boyer Street (and corner of High Street or Rt. 94)
Wadsworth, Ohio
Hello, and welcome to my page! I am so glad you are here. I am going to try and show you the average life of a 5 year old from my perspective. Mommy and Daddy will help me along the way if I get stuck.

Let me first introduce my family to you. I am Ellie. I am a 6 year old. I live in Ohio with my Mommy, Daddy, little brother Reid, and dog, Sophie. My mommy is a teacher. She teaches nine and ten year olds and loves it. She has been teaching for twelve years. My daddy works with computers. He works hard everyday.

We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

Little Ski (Ellie)

Mommy and me having cuddle time at Hocking Hills.

Told ya, my hair can be wild! And you thought I was kidding!

Hmmm, Blue's Brother's perhaps?