Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scary doctor visit

Another doctor visit today...this one was not planned, though. I changed Reid's diaper around 11:30 pm last night and everything was normal. When I changed him again around 4:30 am...he has this gross blistery looking pimple thing on his inner thigh. I cleaned him all up and put cream on him to see if that would do anthing before his next change. When I changed him again around 7 was still there and really hard to touch. Reid was not fussy at all and didn't mind anyone touching the blistery looking thing. (nice and technical, huh?) Anyway...I called in Brian to look, and he just thought it looked like a huge pimple head. I still didn't like the looks of it. So, I called our doctor, and he wanted to see Reid today. To make a long story short....Dr. Strong had to pop the mass to drain it and take a culture of it. They want to make sure it is not any type of staff infection. SCARY. Dr. Strong does not think it is a harm at all. He thinks it is (spelling????) impetigo. So, poor we go again with meds and appointments. We have to put a warm compress on it hourly and he is on an antiobiotic for the bacterial infection (strep infection). Poor kid. I have to watch the mass and report in the morning what it looks like. If the doctor does not like what Reid's leg looks like, we will be back in the office for blood work. Hopefully, we won't have to go this route. Say a little prayer tonight that this is just a strep infection. We hope so. Ellie has her first dentist appointment tomorrow morning. It should be a treat. I will take my camera!!!! Prayers for Reid tonight.....

Love to you all....

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