Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, what a night!

It's Ellie's mom taking the reigns right now...what a night we had last night. I knew we were in for it when Reid did not sleep well AT ALL during the day yesterday. Mom came over to give me a hand which was so helpful. Today, Ellie is at the sitter's to play...and Mom is yet again coming over. Thank goodness for help! I honestly don't think Reid slept an hour straight last night. I saw the clock every hour at least...and he was just crying like crazy. It's hard to keep a baby quiet when they don't feel well...but I had to try since Brian and Ellie were also in the house trying to rest. They were able to get smoe sleep...though Ellie was up about 3 times due to the crying from Reid. Reid wanted to be walked around all night...I didn't mention that! I could not sit with him or lay with him. He wouldn't have it. So, I am mentally and physically drained today. He did not eat well through the night, and I could never tell what was wrong. This is when I wish he could talk, so I could help him out. I am wondering if he is just upset and not feeling well because of the NAM...or does he have an earache or something???? Hard to tell. He is actually sleeping we will see how today goes and then take it from there. I did actually get him to drink a bottle this morning with a NUK nipple. I didn't have to use the syringe. He seemed to like the feel of the nipple on his tongue more so than the syringe with the NAM device in. So, maybe we can start using cleft bottles now instead of the syringes. That would be nice. Again...we will take it one day at a time. So...all you NAM moms out there...did you have similar weeks? How long did your kids' discomfort last with the NAM? I know we need to do this...and I know he will get used to it...but these last 2 days have been awful. I feel so badly for him, and we all need some decent rest. Nam!!!! Let me know your thoughts...and any advice you have...I will gladly take. Thanks everyone...keep us in prayer. We will be is just going to take some time.


LifeWithTheFerrells said...

Hey, so sorry to hear about your bad couple of days. It is terrible to feel so helpless with your baby. I have a couple of NUK cleft nipples if you want them. I got them to take to China not sure what Makenna would use and never used them. I can run them by this evening or whenever would be convienient for you.
Keep you in prayer today for a long nap for you both and a better and more peaceful night tonight.


Mary said...

Ian's first NAM gave him a lot of trouble because he had a prenatal tooth. We had no idea! Now that the tooth is gone, he's done a lot better. Have you used a Haberman feeder? That's the nipple we use and it's great. I'm sure things will get better once he gets some rest and a fully belly. Good luck!

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