Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just how far.......

will toilet paper stretch?????

Reid thought he would find out tonight as I was putting laundry into the hamper in Ellie's bedroom...he snuck in the bathroom, threw the shampoo bottle in the toilet, unrolled the toilet paper, and brought it to me, all in a matter of about 40 seconds or less. How nice of him to think of his MaMa, huh? I am in deep trouble with this one folks.......deep trouble!


Heather said...

Go Reid!! I think my favorite part is the shampoo in the toilet. Geez, kid!! Boys, huh? : )

So... I could probably look through your blog and find out, but since I'm lazy, I'll ask - did Reid ever get those teeth that grew into the roof of his mouth extracted? Or are they still there? What's the status of them? Do you think he's been in any more pain/discomfort when teeth grew into his cleft side? Aidan's next tooth should be the cleft side upper tooth, and yesterday he wouldn't drink a bottle at all (at the babysitter's). I thought maybe his mouth was bothering him. Just curious about these crazy teeth!!!

Joy Howse said...

LOL, looks like you are going to have your hands full with him. :)

Ava and the Trips said...

Don't you just love that! When I can't find Brady upstairs, it is usually because he is playing in the toilet....what a good momma I am!

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