Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's rough being beautiful...

Ellie wants her hair to be long.....and now she has added CURLY into the mix. Since I am now in school, I am not able to actually curl her hair in the mornings for her to look "beautiful" as she told me today. That would be crazy. So, tonight, we did the next best thing.......
We went braid crazy after her bath.
We are hoping with some damp hair and sleeping on 14 braids, the "princess" will be happy in the morning. And trust me, when she's is the rest of the house!


Good Remedy said...

Anna used to say the same thing, she wanted curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Now, at 11 yrs old, she is beginning to see the beauty of her own natural looks. And that everyone else wants straight hair! Certainly lots of the commercials to show it!

Joy Howse said...

Now that school has started for Alexis I am getting the same thing. "Mom can you put my hair in two pigtails. Mr. Gillotti (her teacher) loves pigtails because they remind him of riding a motorcycle." Ok, whatever it takes to make the teacher happy. :) We had to add 5 mins. into the morning routine to deal with the hair-do demands.

Hope you got some great results.

steph said...

Yes, it is rough being beautiful...and you know since she is only five, you have MANY more years of this!!!! What Fun:)

Kelly Rogers said...

Ha! I remember doing the same thing with braids all of my head when I was little. I hope it produced the result she wanted. Ellie is an absolutely beautiful girl and will be cute with any hairdo.

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