Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reid vs. Fireball

Reid is stubborn. Bigtime. I don't know if it's a boy thing, a second child thing, a inherited thing, a cleft thing, or a little of all of the above. He will not give in to any situation without a fight. And this is a fight, I think he may have lost. Brian was eating a fireball. Reid wanted it sooo badly. He threw this down and out fit about wanting to eat this fireball. So, Brian put him in his high chair and gave him the fireball to try. Now, being the stubborn little one that Reid is, he was not going to give in and lead on that this fireball was too much for him. So, here is how the challenge went.

Oh, and nevermind the "Jingle Bells" in the background. It's totally typical!


Good Remedy said...

So cute! One day all the willpower will serve Reid well. Holly is has got some major dental work ahead of her soon. How are Reid's teeth now? Best Wishes!

steph said...

Janeen, you are right....soooo funny! Just gotta' love a kid who never gives up. Enjoyed "Jingle Bells" too:)

Joy Howse said...

Oh you so have to send me a link of the video to my email. It would only load enough to play the first 17 seconds and I HAVE to see it!!! (blogger doesn't like me tonight) Sounds exactly like something Aiden would do. Sometimes I wonder if their taste buds are weakened because of the cleft, because Aiden picked up Dale's SUPER spicy salsa and licked the lid one time and barely flinched. I always tease that the stuff could put chest hair on a nun it is that strong. it even makes dale cry when he eats it. send it to me if you can. thanks. :)

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh that's too funny!!

Ava and the Trips said...

Love it! He is so adorable and determined!

Heather said...

Wow, he just wouldn't quit, would he??? Love his taking the "hotball" out and madly drinking, and then shoving it in again. heehee I swear between my Aidan, Joy's Aiden, and Reid, stubborness MUST be a cleft thing! Or a boy thing. Must it can't be a 2nd child thing! I'm hoping baby #2 will be easier because Aidan is handful right now!!

Clan Goodrich said...

that is hysterical!!! I love how he chugged his drink!

Kelly Rogers said...

That was absolutely hilarious! I love how he keeps putting the "hot ball" in his mouth even though you can tell it is a bit much for him. My favorite part is the end when you ask he wants another and he quickly says, "Um no."

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