Monday, August 16, 2010

A fresh beginning

I have been spending a lot of time at school lately. Probably too much time if you ask my husband! My classroom was moved this year. It's a huge job, but I can not complain because I am heading into an air conditioned room!!! I should have taken before and after pics because this won't do it justice. My room is in the basement, and it was really in need of some TLC when I arrived. I think I am ready for my students to come next Monday. I am happy with how the room came out, and am ready for a bright, fresh, positive start to the year!

Found this lamp....and had to have it! I went with browns and a soft turquoise blue for my colors this year.

I am standing at the front of my room looking to one side. My room is very wide but does not have much length. Coming up with a seating plan for 26 was a little hairy!

Just another view looking into the room from my door.

My HUGE desk. I think Reid could fit in the drawers. My mom made me the curtains. I was looking for a homey feeling this year, and I was really pleased with how everything looks.

Standing towards the back of the room looking to the front.

When I saw my class list.....I came to the conclusion that I needed some positive quotes that would bring accountability and positive-ness to my kids. I think this quote is beautiful!!! So true!

I am using this quote as the theme for the year. This is posted outside my classroom door.

Ha! Just because I had to! It's a nice reminder to my 4th graders that I am always looking for honesty. 2010-2011 school we come!


Krissy said...

It looks great! I can tell that you are a great teacher and that you really care for your students!

The Millers said...

looks great!

Heather said...

Love your classroom! And that lamp is adorable. Even though I won't have to move rooms again, I know what a hassle it is. Did it twice my first year. One of my teacher friends just looped up to 3rd to a new room and our principal wants her change rooms every year to loop 2/3. That's ridiculous!!

Love those quotes. I love inspirational stuff too.

Joy Howse said...

Love the looks of your new classroom! it is always so much work to get the room just right for the first day of school but things run so much smoother when it is done before hand. LOVE the quotes. :) You and I would be two peas in a pod working together with quotes like those. Praying this school year will be a year of growth for your class.

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