Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reid's palate and top gumline

I am going to apologize for the blurriness of these photos ahead of time, but I wanted to get a couple of shots out of Reid's palate and gumline. We are now 3 1/2 months post op from his palate repair, and I think things are healing very nicely. His top gumline is a bit of a mess, and I wanted to show you what we are contending with. His premaxilla (top gum that was pushed back into place during his lip repair) is in nice position, but the teeth that are coming out of this area are quite a mess to say the least. His very top 2 teeth are rotting and broken. They are also HUGE. One is slit into 2 parts almost and is great at leaving marks when he BITES! : ) I am not worried about his teeth in the least. If we can tackle a lip repair and palate repair....we can deal with this. I just wanted to give you a glimpse inside Reid's mouth.

He was less than happy that I was lifting his lip like this and then using a flash besides...what a mean Mommy!
This is fuzzy....and he was actually laughing here. I was tickling him. You can see the palate repair. See the line down the center of his mouth? No holes! (he does have one back top molar...look top right)

Another shot of his palate and top gumline, and look at his eyelashes! Sweet!


Joy Howse said...

thanks for the pics. I am always interested in what Aiden's mouth could potentially look like as he gets older. He only has 4 teeth now and they all seem to be in ok shape and location. The part I 'worry' about and I noticed it on Reid is (this is hard to explain)... where his lip is attached to his gumline in the center kinda protrudes down and is really thick. I know i am not explaining that right. oh well.

Reid looks great and just like you, I know that Aiden and the rest of this family can conquer anything after all we have been through in his short 11 months of life.

kellyliz82 said...

Great job getting ANY pics, I can't get in Jordan's mouth long enough to snap a shot. Her premaxillia (probably misspelled) looks similar. No upper teeth yet but I'm sure they will come in interesting. Jackson was UCLP and he has a tooth turned sideways and an extra tooth where he is missing bone.

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