Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reid update- Teeth issues

Well, first of all...A BIG THANK YOU for all your words of encouragement, prayers, and genuine concern for our little man over the last week as we have awaited the advice of our cleft dental team to lead us to the right direction.

We got in today to see our dental specialist and it was really nice to really be able to see into Reid's mouth for once. Dr. Ferretti and I held Reid between our legs while sitting on chairs while Brian held down his hands. I know...not fun to do...but so nice to really get a good glimpse inside Reid's mouth. The two top teeth that were in the cleft area are in fact a BIG mess, which we knew. Reid's 4 molars are in and look good and there is a top incisor coming in that hopefully will be in good placement. I've never been able to tell how many teeth Reid truly has in looks to be 8 teeth in all with one coming in....and 2 of those 8 coming out.

Dr. Ferretti does not want to put Reid totally under for a quick procedure (thank you!), so he will use a slight sedating drug to just calm Reid, but he won't be totally out. They will use the pappose on him (will hate to see that). He will be all strapped down and not happy, I am sure....but the entire procedure to pull the teeth should take under 5 minutes. They will then pack the area and we will be good to go home that day. This will all take place next Wednesday which is good timing for me since I will be on Spring Break. This will not be good timing for Ellie as we were going to go to a water park *without Reid, remember????* but this will have to be put on hold because I just don't know how Reid will be feeling. So, we will reschedule. Anyone want to break this news to her, because it's not going to be pretty. We'll make it up somehow! Again, we will keep you informed...and as you all for loving Reid so much! Thanks again!

Love those eyes....almost as if he is saying, "You are going to do what to me???"
Little man in the big chair!
Fascinated by the lights. I think he sat still for about 0.35 seconds....but it was cute while it lasted!


The Millers said...

I was praying for you. Glad for the update.

Joy Howse said...

thanks for the update. he looks so little in that big chair. He and you will be in my thoughts next week. Aiden has his first dentist appt next week. Will be interesting to see if he lets us look in his mouth at all. Can't wait to hear that this is all behind you.

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

glad you finally got some answers. hope all goes well next week. I'll definitely be praying for you. We have been pretty lucky with teeth issues. I guess we'll see what the team dentist says once we find a new team....I've been delaying it. The regular dentist said all looked okay and even wasn't too alarmed with the sideways tooth.

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