Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reid's Home and Doing Well...

Well, we are home from Cleveland after driving up in the dark this morning! I always hate to wake up Reid from such peaceful sleep so early in the morning. But as ususal, he amazed me when he looked up at me, so sleepy, smiled, and said, "Hello!" My little guy.

All seemed to go as planned this morning for the teeth extraction. Reid did have a sedative to calm him a bit which he didn't like getting sprayed up his nose. However, he did like the drink of water he got out of a big boy cup after the spray because it tastes so yucky. That seemed to make all well for awhile! They were able to get some x-rays of his mouth as well, which I was glad for. We haven't ever been able to see an x-ray of his teeth in the cleft. Our surgical dentistry team thinks that the permanents are in good placement, and, maybe...just maybe...they will be ok when they come in. That would be so great!

Reid was strapped down for his own protection which he was less than happy about, and then I left the room for the procedure. It was Brian's turn today. I knew that he would do well with it, and we could only send one of us in for the procedure. So, I waited patiently in the waiting room, and literally, within minutes, I was back with Reid, holding him. They were able to extract the 2 top teeth with little trouble. No major issues. He is resting now, and is still the real test will be when he awakens. He will be in some discomfort, I am sure, and he will probably want to dive in to some soft foods! I better have them ready! He has not eaten since midnight last night...and we are heading into the lunch hour now.

We brought home the teeth and will save them for the tooth fairy when Reid understands. I think these will be worth more than just a dollar. For what Reid has endured....the tooth fairy should be mighty nice to him! Thanks again for your prayers, love, and genuine support for our family. You are what gets us through from one step to the next. I am sure I will update you soon.....I need to go prepare lunch so it's ready when my hungry boy awakens!



AJ said...

So, can you explain this "cleft teeth" thing to me please? They were embedded in his palate? That sounds painful.

That's great to hear that he's doing well though. Tell that tooth fairy he should get something extra for all that trouble!

Ava and the Trips said...

Poor Reid! I hope he continues to do well.

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

glad all went well. Hope the recovery is just as quick!

Also that is great news about his permanent teeth. I really wanted x-rays of Adalynn's mouth at her last appointment, but they said they wait until she is older.

steph said...

Good job, Reid....knew you would be a trooper!!!

Good Remedy said...

Way to go Reid! (and Mom too) Glad to hear he is strong as ever.

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