Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the eve of one year ago.....

The house is quiet....both kids are down, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. So, I am taking the opportunity while I can because I can not believe it, but the calendar does not lie.

One year ago tonight, Brian and I were not sure what to anticipate. One year ago tonight, we were praying hard because we were going to be handing Reid over to our beloved doctors for Reid's lip repair surgery. One year ago tonight.....I was never so scared.

As I look back one year ago, it is hard to believe what we have been through. I am not trying to portray a "poor me" attitude at all, but rather, a "YES!!! WE did it!" attitude. A mom of a cleft kiddo told me that after one year post op from lip repair surgery is the honeymoon period. A time of growth and not too many worries of upcoming surgeries. I think we have hit the honeymoon. Reid is growing and thriving. He is talking and running. He is laughing and making us laugh. I can't believe how much has changed in one year.

I loved looking back on my photo album from one year ago, as I did tonight. I will tell you, in one year I didn't think you could miss a little face so much. I love Reid's beautiful smile that he has now, but I will forever love that first precious face that God gave him. Reid, you are an amazing little guy. Your strength and courage show in everything you do. I think you have grown into a wonderful little person. As I sit here one year from that very scary night, when I didn't truly know what to expect...I pray for you and for the many journeys ahead of you, I pray for your strength to forever be with you, I pray for the wisdom for your dad and I to make the best decisions for you, and I pray for your doctors that forever changed your life, and ours. I love you, Reid, and I look forward to looking back on May 27, 2008 for many years to come.
Ready for his lip repair. (May 2008)
Brian and Reid- pre-op. All gowned up and ready to go.
Our first look at your new face. Amazing does not even come close to how I thought you looked.
You forever will be my hero. This is 2 days post-op. (ok, I confess....I DO NOT miss those nasal stents!
And look at you now.....my handsome, handsome boy.


Krissy said...

It's funny how the dates of Drew's surgery seem to be permanently etched into my brain. The surgeries were big milestones not only for our little boys but for us too!

I think I came across your blog a couple of days before Reid's surgery and I couldn't get over what a wonderful job his p/s did. We are all very lucky to live in a place that is blessed with such great doctors! And of course Reid is also blessed with some great parents, and a great sister too!

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

and a handsome little man indeed! Congrats on the year anniversary....the next year is fantastic. Makes you kind of forget your child had so many surgeries-it seems like it was so long ago. Enjoy the next year!

steph said...

AMAZING!! What a difference a year makes...in so many ways. Janeen, you have been so faithful in keeping us up to date with not only Reid, but Ellie too. Thanks for taking us along on your family's journey.

You are such an awesome mom, teacher, friend and I admire how you have juggled it all. You are a blessing to many. Hugs!!!

Joy Howse said...

What a great post. He is as adorable as ever. I would miss that first smile too, so precious. His surgery day is my oldest's b-day. Need to do a post on his b-day when things calm down this weekend. As always, thank you for sharing Reid's journey with us.

Allison said...

YAY! One year feels so good, and so surreal. How time flies. Reid is looking just as cute as ever, he's such a sweetie! Hope we can catch up soon, I've been out of the loop here (with all the blogs) for quite some time. I enjoy seeing all of your pictures and reading about your adventures. Hugs to all!

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We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

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