Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zoo Day...

This past weekend we took some family time and used our zoo pass to head to the zoo. The zoo we go to is just the perfect size for small kids and is so nice to get through in just a couple of hours....right before Reid can't take anymore. Ellie wanted to pose for her picture by every green plant we came across....I swear. I think I have about 45 pictures of her by every shrub at the Akron Zoo! Then, my other one....I only have a select few of him with his face even showing because he is always escaping from somewhere or someone. So, here is the best I have from our day!
Ok, Brian and I are seriously contemplating covering our basement with these mats. They are standard gym mats, and Reid absolutely LOVED them. I think he played on them for about 30 minutes and to keep Reid in any location for that amount of time is worth its weight in gold. I bet that's about what I would have to pay for them, too.
Ellie climbing the wall and so proud of herself.

This was a first....Ellie and Reid solo in the train. Usually I cram myself in there with them because I just can't trust Reid. I gave it a whirl, and they did miraculously well. Ellie...I don't worry about....Reid....that's another story!

Picture #13 of 45 by some plant near the tigers!

Probably the funniest picture of the day. I was thrilled to actually get them looking at me and staying in one place for a minute. My little penguins!!!!! It was truly a fun day for us all!


Joy Howse said...

Love the penguin pic, that is a hoot!! I know what you mean about Reid being on the go. I am lucky to get Alexis or Aiden before they are on the go again. Keeps us on our toes for sure. Glad everyone had such a great day.

Nola said...

Looks like so much fun! Hilarious that Ellie wanted her picture made by all the plants!

steph said...

The penguin picture is great...made me laugh out loud.
What fun!!!

Grin and Barrett said...

Adorable...I love the penquin picture. There is an alternative to the mats on the floor... Trampoline. I just get a kick out of watching Reid jumping with his little legs.
Looks like you had a wonderful family day together..... You need to take pictures of you and Brian as well. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!


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