Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finger Painting.....Reid style

I asked for it. I know. I am one of those moms who enjoys crafts and artsy projects with the kids. We do a lot of them, and I enjoy them. Most of them, anyway. Well, my dear, sweet inlaws got Ellie and Reid some finger paints for Christmas and had the nerve to send them home with us! : ) I thought it would be a great project for their house, but needless to say, we ended up with them. And here is how our night of finger painting went....Reid style.

All started out sweet and calm fingers painting away. Life is going great here....

Reid getting the tenchique down to a science after watching Ellie.

Ellie is very precise and methodical about things. She takes her work seriously, and you can tell she is concentrating hard here.

Why just get the fingers messy.....hands seem to work great in the stuff.

Oh, and the kit came with some great stamps for the paint. Reid enjoyed dipping them in paint, soaking them in water, then squeezing the mess onto the paper.

More dumping of paint. Finger painting just was not cutting it for him. At this point, I was starting to see why the box said 5 years and up.

Oh, yeah....a goopy, gloppy mess.

Big sister next to Reid was doing just fine. Lool at her hands and look at Reids in the top right corner. Quite a difference in technique!

"MESS" he said to me!

He eventually moved his construction paper that he was using and just went all out on the newspaper that I had as my "catch all". At this point in the game, why stop him?

The "Ski" tongue even came out! This is a lovely trait that my husband exhibits. Anytime he is working on something or concentrating, we see the tongue sneak out of his mouth. (I am sure he will love me posting this!) Ellie definitely exhibits this trait. Constantly. This is the first sneak of the tongue that I have seen from Reid. Looks like both the kids got the "Ski" trait very honestly.

A paintbrush was also involved in the process for awhile. But, as you can tell from the looks of Reid's hands, arms, and pretty much upper didn't last for long!

Gotta love those, finger paints.

The end results were nice. Well, at least Ellie's. Reid's were unsalvageable. We had some good laughs, and a large clean up job, but that's what it's all about, right? And how I see it.....Reid may be wanting a drum set one day. I think Grandma and Pappy's house would be a lovely spot for that, don't you????


jeanne said...

I love those pictures and your funny! Brings back memories. Maybe I'll hold back on the finger paints with my 2 year old granddaughter....

Heather said...

Think I'll follow the directions and wait until Aidan's 5 (or at LEAST 3!!) to try that one. Yikes. I've already tried some painting stuff with Aidan and it just gets EVERYWHERE!!!

My family does the tongue thing too, especially my mom. Heehee Chad does this great nostril flare when he's concentrating. It's pretty funny!

Loved Ellie's masterpiece!!! Definitely a girl's work. : )

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

We love painting here....not so much the mess, so we don't do it that often. When we do do it, though we go all out. I am talking acrylics and canvases....gotta make it last! We just bought colors that matched our living room/dining room, 3 canvases and let the kids go wild (well not completely wild). I love having "abstract" artwork in our dining room! But the mess....well let's just say we don't do it that often!

Vanessa said...

Hey Janeen,
I've been catching up with your blog this afternoon. I love the fingerpainting photos. What fun! I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE the photo at the top of your page of all of you at Christmas. Beautiful!! :D


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