Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black eyes and Baby Jammies

Little boys......ahhhh. Much different from little girls is what I am finding out, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My little boy is wild. From sunup until sundown....wild. He is into everything, climbs, is curious about the world around him, goes nonstop, and never, ever takes a break. And you see, this is what happens to little boys who are wild....
They get hurt sometimes....
When traveling full blast on foot collides with a corner on a cabinet....this is what happens.

Black eyes and little boys.....I guess it is the first of many.

Reid and Ellie both have footie jammies that they rarely wear. You see, my children inherited a trait from my husband. They are human furnaces. If I put them in these jammies, I am up in the night getting them out because they are too hot. Everytime. But, Reid found these in his dresser and laughed hysterically. He would say, "Baby Jammies. I wear them." And then when he saw Ellie in hers....he just was beside himself. Too funny!

My babies in their my girl and my boy to pieces.


Amanda said...

I LOVE the penguin picture at the top of your blog!! How cute!

Love the pictures of the kids. Camden burns up in her jammies too!

Heather said...

Ahhh, boys. Gotta love 'em! And the kids look ADORABLE in their "baby jammies!" I stopped putting Aidan in those because he would tug and pull at his feet & get mad. I cut the feet off of one pair, but he outgrew them anyway.

Think I need to take a picture of Reid to the salon and get Aidan's haircut just like his! But I just don't think he'll sit still long enough!

Joy Howse said...

Poor guy. I need to get my blog updated and one of the post will look very similar to this one.... a huge shiner for little Aiden. Boys will be boys, and I love it!!

Aiden sleeps in nothing but footie jammies. He did not get that from me. I can't stand to have my feet covered when I am sleeping. Even take the covers off my feet the majority of the night. he got that from his daddy who likes to bundle up and be super warm.

Hope you and the entire family have a blessed week, with no more black eyes!

Kati said...

Your son reminds me so much of my little boy. He is adorable and his cleft repair looks amazing.

My kids love footie jammies and I will keep them around as long as I possibly can, because I love them.

Kelly Rogers said...

I am once again playing catch-up with my blog reading. Poor Reid with that black eye! It seems like a common thing among young boys, though. And if my Gavin is anything like his daddy, I'm gonna have my hands full! My hubby has had stitches more times than I can count!

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am so glad you are here. I am going to try and show you the average life of a 5 year old from my perspective. Mommy and Daddy will help me along the way if I get stuck.

Let me first introduce my family to you. I am Ellie. I am a 6 year old. I live in Ohio with my Mommy, Daddy, little brother Reid, and dog, Sophie. My mommy is a teacher. She teaches nine and ten year olds and loves it. She has been teaching for twelve years. My daddy works with computers. He works hard everyday.

We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

Little Ski (Ellie)

Mommy and me having cuddle time at Hocking Hills.

Told ya, my hair can be wild! And you thought I was kidding!

Hmmm, Blue's Brother's perhaps?