Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farming Time

What a fun day we had today. I took the kids to a teacher friend's house (which happens to be a FARM) for some fun. You have to understand that Reid about has a coronary when we go by Lowe's, and he sees the tractors. To see the REAL deal today up close and ride in them was heaven to him. Ellie enjoyed the wide open spaces and the running room. The kids had a great time with their new friends Brooke and Chet (who both happen to be within months of our kids birthdays). It was a perfect day and a great way to start off summer vacation!

Reid was nowhere to be found in this picture. He was amused by the cows and would not come stand with the other kiddos. Here are Brooke, Ellie, and Chet.

Brooke was happy to show off one of her 3 barns filled with cows to Ellie, and Ellie was amazed at how many there were!

Reid checking out the cows up close. However, he was calling them horses for the majority of the time we were there. I guess these city kids need more country time!

When one started Moo-ing, that would get Reid laughing. He was scream..."AGAIN" over and over again. He thought this was too funny.

My Ellie taking time to pose for the camera.

The scowl face. I think he was wondering where all the tractors were. He had had enough of the horses....I mean cows at this point.

See that little mud streak on his left leg? Well, that mud turned out to not be mud at all. Reid decided that it would benefit him if he held his shorts up on that leg in order to not get them dirty. Really? My son worried about not getting dirty? This was a first. We did have to bring out the wipes and clean him up because he was not happy about the cow "stuff" on his leg.

Ellie and Brooke held hands much of the day. New friendships are so fun!

Combine time! Reid was definitely having a panic attack at this time....there were so many tractors and equipment that he didn't know where to begin!

Jerry (my friend's husband) was nice enough to give Reid a ride, which he LOVED more than words can even express.

And there he is...in his glory. I think he would have sat here for 3 hours if I would have let him. He thought this was the ultimate!

Chet and Reid making "vroom vroom" noises in the combine. All boy for sure!

Can you spot Reid in his bright green shirt? Look how small he is. Or, rather...look how BIG that machine is! Reid again in his absolute glory.

Now inside the machine. Buttons, knobs, levers, and switches. I am sure when Jerry goes to use this piece of machinery something will be messed up from all the "work" Reid was doing!

From afar I took this picture of the girls happily balancing along the boards near the cow barn while the boys sat and "drove" the combines. How different my little girl is from my farmer boy...and I am so blessed to have them both. What a fun day of farming and friendship. So glad summertime has arrived!


Anonymous said...

don't worry Reid...I once asked a mounted police officer if I could pet his COW.....he didn't think it was very funny.....

Uncle Aaron

Joy Howse said...

Great pictures! I want more then anything to get Aiden back to Ohio to visit my family, who all have HUGE tractors. I know that he would be in heaven. Aiden calls horses cows no matter how many times I coach him. So, in the grand scheme of things it all evens out between Reid and him. :) Hopefully the poor animals don't get a complex over the whole identity crisis.

Kelly Rogers said...

What fun! I would love to take Gavin to an actual working farm someday. I had to laugh when I read about Reid saying "AGAIN" every time the cows would "moo." Kids say the darndest things!

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We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

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