Monday, June 21, 2010

Looking towards Wednesday

We will be visiting our craniofacial team in full force Wednesday. I am quite anxious to see what our plastic surgeon has to say about Reid and what is in store for us next. I feel like we have had such a nice honeymoon period since we have been over a year now surgery free. I know that this will change at some point in time, and I guess it will be nice to see what our team has to say about the timeline for Reid.

We will be seeing our team in its entirety. So, I am gearing up for a long day. We won't get started until 1:30 (if they are on time **not holding my breath**), so I guess no nap for Reid until we get back to the car to drive home, which might not be until dinner time or later. I am anxious to see what our dentistry team, speech team, ENT team, audiologists, and plastics has to say to us. It should be an interesting day, and most likely, an exhausting one. I already made the decision that Ellie will be with my mom. There is no point in dragging her around with us, and besides, taking care of Reid will be a full time job in itself.

We have been attending speech services through our local Early Interventionists which is going well. We only go once weekly for 30 minutes. Reid's articulation and vocab are NOT being worked with. Isn't that amazing? My husband can thank me for that one. With my non-stop talking, Reid has no choice but to learn to have his voice heard, and he had done very well with that! Our therapist is only working on oral motor issues with Reid presently. He drools so much and has very little control over his tongue and cheek muscles. So, we are working with all kinds of fun oral motor exercises. I am anxious to see what our speech path. thinks when she sees Reid. Having multiple opinions is so nice at times, but I am just hoping they are in agreement with each other!

I pray for a good day Wednesday with little (I'm not expecting a perfect day) issues from Reid. I pray for our doctors, nurses, and craniofacial team to guide us in the direction that is best for Reid. All in all, I am excited for them to see what great progress Reid has made this year. When I spoke to our speech path. through our team she asked me, "Is Reid talking in short phrases?" Oh, boy......will they be surprised or what? Reid is more like talking in paragraphs! looking forward to Wednesday...and we appreciate your prayers for Reid in advance!


The Dawkins said...

Good Luck. We were released on we are done:)

Krissy said...

I hope the appointment went well! We lucked out at Drew's 2 year appt and only had to do a "mini" team visit. But this year is the big one again!

Kelly Rogers said...

I hope all went well at the appointment. I'm sure you've already posted the update. I'm looking forward to reading about what happened.

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