Tuesday, August 12, 2008

9 month comparing

Here are pictures of me, Ellie, and Reid both taken when we were 9 months old. Mommy likes my face in this picture...it's the crinkle nose face. There are some definite similarities between Reid and me. But, Reid is huge. I was just a peanut....and Reid is a meatball! Mommy says she thinks we are just perfect. She likes to compare how we look when we were the same age. Moms are silly!

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Good Remedy said...

So cute. It is fun to compare. I thought that Anna had no hair, until I looked at Holly and Anna's "same age" pictures. Anna had lots of hair compared to Holly!! My thoughts will be with you and the children next week. Work is hard. But leaving them in good hands helps. God Bless.

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am so glad you are here. I am going to try and show you the average life of a 5 year old from my perspective. Mommy and Daddy will help me along the way if I get stuck.

Let me first introduce my family to you. I am Ellie. I am a 6 year old. I live in Ohio with my Mommy, Daddy, little brother Reid, and dog, Sophie. My mommy is a teacher. She teaches nine and ten year olds and loves it. She has been teaching for twelve years. My daddy works with computers. He works hard everyday.

We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

Little Ski (Ellie)

Mommy and me having cuddle time at Hocking Hills.

Told ya, my hair can be wild! And you thought I was kidding!

Hmmm, Blue's Brother's perhaps?