Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Randomness" from Ellie and Reid's mom...

I guess getting up before 6 am does have its advantages!

"Ellie, like those bing cherries????" : )

TROUBLE!!!!!! Nothing but, TROUBLE!

Reid hasn't had the stents in for a couple of days. We wanted to see if his nose flattened or kept its shape. Here is a good profile shot of him from today. We think his nose looks pretty good. I think the stents' job is coming to an end.....real soon. : ) We go for our eval. on Sept. 12 to see. Oh, and palate surgery has been scheduled for Oct. 16 tentatively. Lots happening around here!


Anonymous said...


I don't know how you found the time to put this on the computer already. HOW CUTE! The sky was beautiful this morning....I wasn't up that early to see that gorgeous view! Thanks for dinner and the pics....and by the way....tell Brian I wasn't ignoring him when I left...just knew he was busy checking on some things.

steph said...

You never cease to amaze me...with all you have going on in your life and all the adjustments your family is going through, you still take the time to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Sometimes the simply things make us smile the most. And by the way, tell Brian we don't care what color you wear, we are just glad to have you back:)

LifeWithTheFerrells said...

Yea on the surgery date!! Almost all done but the speech therapy now! Makenna is FINALLY attempting to say a few words. She said DaDa this week, after 9 months!! Glad to hear you got a surgery date! He sure is handsome guy and of course Miss Ellie is adorable too!

Heather said...

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here!! First of all, I'm SO glad your first week has gone so smoothly! How are the kids at school? I went to my classroom for the first time all summer and couldn't believe how excited I was to teach again... and then I remembered I'm not going back until January. Relieved and sad.

I hope it goes ok without the nose stents. I'm beginning to understand what a pain they are!! I know you probably talk about them in past blog posts, but did Reid ever get so congested with them that he was coughing non-stop? We got a syring thing today which helps, but I feel like I'm praying he'll sneeze every minute so he can relieve some of the snot! Ugh! I should be thankful it's only for 2 months. I wonder why Aidan needs only 2 and Reid has had his in longer?

Yeah, pretty much we're keeping the restraints off all day, which is a pain because that means I have to sit with him. He doesn't seem to have the hand control to keep his hands away from his face. But in all honesty, the only times he has really cried over his face have been my fault or Chad's!

Can you tell me again why Reid had his lip surgery at a later age?

The stents are stitched in. Will Aidan try to pull on them when we stop watching his hands all the time? I've used the wooden end for cleaning too. Actually, my best time is when I'm feeding Aidan... if I rest him on a pillow, I can use my free hand to do saline, Q-tips, etc. He doesn't even flinch!

I told Allison I'll post about my stitches adventure, so you can read all about it. And I'll post about the Haberman too.

Thank you for all of your help!! So glad there are "experts" out there!

Allison said...

Hi Janeen!
That's great that you have a date set for Reid's palate surgery. I'm sure it's exciting for you, yet nerve wracking. We'll be sure to keep you in thought on the big day. Oh, and that sunrise, how amazing is that! Beautiful!

Take care,

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