Saturday, December 6, 2008

Plastic Surgery 6 week post op appointment

We headed to Cleveland yesterday to meet with our plastic surgeon to check the status of Reid after his palate repair. (and I am sorry to all you bloggers who follow Reid's cleft journey...I am WAY behind in posting....someday I will get there!) I knew we were in trouble when I signed in and the receptionist said, "Hi, Mrs. Shemenski....Dr. Gosain is REALLY running behind today..." Ok....well, we were there and in for the long here is how it went!

We had a 2:15 appointment and we got back into our examining room around 4:30, and then our surgeon came in to meet with us around 4:45 or so. Yeah....long time to entertain 2 kiddos. Oh, yes....we brought Ellie with us to experience "Reid's hospital" as she calls it. The kids did amazingly well. Reid had only had a 30 min. nap that day...and only napped while I held him for about 20 minutes in the office and Ellie had no nap at all. They were really good. Ellie got to go with Brian to make crafts and decorate cookies because they had a kids table set up for patients and visitors to keep little ones occupied. That was GREAT and Ellie had a blast with Daddy. That was a huge help to the wait time.

Our surgeon took quite a bit of time with us when he saw Reid and really looked good at his palate and gum line area. The good news......NO FISTULAS!!!! No tears....all is tight and looking good. Thank goodness! Reid does seep some out his right nostril when eating, but Dr. Gosain thinks it is a muscle issue with learning how to move the food WAY back in the throat before swallowing...and he thinks with time this will correct itself. That's super news to hear. Our surgeon said that Reid does not have any food restrictions at this time. Anything is a go. I think that was music to Reid's little ears!

The next step in our journey does not come until May 09. Reid will be seen by the speech team and will also see Dr. Gosain because that will be one year post op from his lip repair. (hard to believe!) Pictures will be taken for his file and so on. THEN.....*drum roll please** we are on an ANNUAL CONSULT basis!!!!! Seriously!!!! We will begin cleft clinics at that time each year and see the plastics team, the dental team, the ENT, speech, etc.... but Reid is in the clear for any type of surgery for awhile. PRAISES! What great news that was to all of us! Our surgeon said to us that Reid will have to go through clinics to make sure he is progressing well....and I quote, "We will just follow his progress and keep up with him.....just in case he can't get by with his good looks alone..." We all had a chuckle. : ) A good day.....a good appointment....prayers answered...and just an all around feeling of joy. We are lucky....and we know it!


Darcy said...

No fistulas, tears, or holes is awesome, awesome news!!! Praise the Lord for a great doctors visit.

Oh, and BTW - when we first started seeing our cranio team, we waited at lest two hours too! :)

The Millers said...

Wonderful news!!!!

Ava and the Trips said...

What great news...a nice early Christmas present for all of you!

The Dawkins said...

What great news!!! He is such a cutie.

Allison said...

Woooo Hooooo! That's great news!

steph said...

Praise God!!! Good news that was worth the wait.

Heather said...

Oh thank goodness!! What great news. And thank goodness you at least had Brian there to help you with both kids... isn't it funny how those craniofacial clinics are usually running behind? Cool Ellie got to do some crafts!

By the way, I'm still laughing about that video Brian made. haha!

Meg said...

Your little guy looks perfect.....I had no clue that he ever had any problems until I read that he did!

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We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

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