Friday, March 7, 2008

What was I thinking????

It's Ellie's mom in for a moment.... what was I thinking today when I hauled out 2 kiddos to the local grocery store in blizzard conditions? I know these pics aren't the best because they are taken out of a second story window of our home. I just wanted to show you when I looked out before hauling the kids to the van....I could see green grass. After they were strapped in and ready to go...this is what I saw. Seriously. It is coming in hard and heavy, folks!!!! So, I still did venture out to grocery store. Now, mind you....this is a task that I like to do alone....but I had no choice in the matter. We were completely out of milk...and if you know Ellie, that is a MAJOR catastrophe in our house. I wasn't sure she would make it to the store without an IV of some sort of dairy put into her. If we bought a cow and milked would be cheaper than all the milk we go through here. Anyway....EVERYONE was at the store. Just a simple trip that should have taken probably 30 min. took 90. and learn, huh? Reid was fantastic there. He was all about the lights and the aisles filled with bright colors (also keep in mind...the store has decided to TOTALLY rearrange all the aisles and products just for fun!)...and Ellie was thrilled with the doughnut that I bribed her with for being so good in the store! All in all...a good trip out today. We were all exhausted when we arrived back home! So, remember...I was there for the milk right? So, when we walked in the door...Ellie was begging for milk. No problem. Wait....problem. Did I bring in milk from the van? I don't remember. Ahhhh...that's because they FORGOT to bag 2 totes of groceries into my van. Ok....good....and you will be delivering this WHEN to my house? Ohhhh...2 hours or so! IV for Ellie.... I can sense it! Actually, she did well...and we got our completed groceries early this afternoon....milk and all. What a day!!! Next time...I will be calling one of YOU to babysit!!!! Stay warm and cozy everyone.....what a great weekend for hot cocoa...made with MILK! : ) Much love....


Darcy said...

LOL. I can't even comprehend snow, let alone like that. For me, I have to really think long and hard when it's raining and I have places to go and whether or not I really want to go out in it. LOL. That's Southern Californians for ya. :)

jeanne said...

WOW... What an escapade you had...just to get Ellie a cup of milk! I remember a time I made the manager of Wendy's deliver the rest of our order that they forgot to give us at the drive-through. LOL

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am so glad you are here. I am going to try and show you the average life of a 5 year old from my perspective. Mommy and Daddy will help me along the way if I get stuck.

Let me first introduce my family to you. I am Ellie. I am a 6 year old. I live in Ohio with my Mommy, Daddy, little brother Reid, and dog, Sophie. My mommy is a teacher. She teaches nine and ten year olds and loves it. She has been teaching for twelve years. My daddy works with computers. He works hard everyday.

We all love spending time together. I have wonderful grandparents and a terrific extended family. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you for visiting my page. Write to me any time. I love getting mail!!!

Many blessing to you all.

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